Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rakaposhi base camp - Room with a view

This is the view from the meadow i slept in on 29 July, at an elevation of 4000m. The meadow is surrounded by Massive glaciers flowing down from Rakaposh mountain (see previous map) and a two other neighbouring peaks (one of which is pictured). Rakaposhi is 7800m, the pictured peak is slightly lower. Its amazing to sit an contemplate a mountain like this. The alpine climber that i was sitting with was telling me how he would go about ascending the peak.

The meadow was about 35 degrees by day and 0 degrees by night.
I met some local Shiite dudes on the way up. THey were sweet dudes. They asked me what i thought about Isreal. I tested the water before diving in. They were students, and were fairly open minded. However, i'm getting into more conservative territory now.
Men and women can't be friends in Pakistan. So a man will barely have contact with a women before he is married. For this reason, the men are pretty desperate (obviously i am generalising, i'm sure this is not true of all men). They tend lear at western women in a way that makes me extemely uncomfortable. One women that i met was politely asked on the way up to the rakaposhi camp whether she wanted to have sex. She hit the guy with her shoe. She said he was quivering with fear, because men are not confronted by local women like this. Men here think that western women are easy, because of what they see on television.
Because of the lack of affection, Men instead show affection towards each other. THey sit on each others lap, and hold hands often. ITs bizarre to see this behaviour. Apparently Homosexuality is common. One guy i met was asked to stay at a local home, and accepted the offer. He woke up with a guy lying behind him, naked.
I should point out that 99.9999% of people here are fantastic!
Versus from the Quran are read and sung over PA systems throughout each town 5 times per day. Even at 3am. It sounds really freaky sometimes, because there will be several people chanting in harsh dischords. It sets a strange mood, especially because it reverberates off the mountains.
I'm off to a place called Fairy meadow tomorrow morning. Sounds nice doesn't it.


Janelle said...

Mum again
I couldn't imagine a meadow in this scene but reminded myself it was a glacier you were looking at.
I'm so glad you have got such an open mind that you can be accepting of such a foreign culture without judging it. I'm also glad you are thinking carefully before discussing politics.
Love Mum

j-dogz mum said...

So why were you lying naked next to the guy in the first place? Only joking...cos your mum might read this. The cultural aspect of male bonding under those circumstances sounds quite interesting. Think Boy's Boarding (Public) schools in England! A friend of a friend was once accosted my a man she'd just met in the middle east who couldn't believe that she didn't want to have sex with him in a ditch by the side of the road there and then. So it's good that you're observing these cultural practices and will hopefully clear up any misguided ideas about aspects of our lifestyle too.

Barrie had baked beans for lunch in the cafetaria the other day. It made me sad cos I thought of you...


toymachinenz said...

Mate, your comment about the men there makes me think Borat...Happy times!

Kate said...

I think you should be careful at 'Fairy Meadow', considering what you have heard about the men in the area...

When are you getting to London? I miss you.

Dave K said...

Hi Jason - what a fantastic trip so far, have realy enjoyed your photos & discriptive comments. Fabulous mate. This is so different to guided tours, soft beds and hot showers which Marie & I have taken which has been great but you are experiencing real life & scenery where the average tourist never goes. Continue to enjoy what the world has to offer but take care & travel safe.