Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Accomodation at Karakul Lake -

I stayed in this yurt with a Tajik family for a couple of days. Karakul Lake is about 200km north of the Pakistani border. I had know idea what they were saying, but it was still fun.
This is at 3700m, so there is not much air. I tried to run to the toilet soon after eating curried vegetables (the toilet was a hole in the ground nearby) but was unable to run more than 20m before having to rest, gasping for the small amount of oxygen that is in the air.
The mountain in the background is 7600m high. WIcked!

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Janelle said...

Mum again
Wow how beautifull.I felt filled with awe just seeing this scene on a little picture so can't imagine how you must have felt to be there.
Now I know what a Yurt looks like. I feel thankfull that the Tajik family took you in. Its great how hospitible the locals are.
Love Mum