Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Granny 1 Jase 0

I went on this day run that crosses the river Hunza to a village on the other side. Check out how dodgy the bridge is! (and check out what happened to the old bridge! THis is the only access to the village.
The raging river, which is 200m wide, is a long way down. I carefully edged my way across the bridge. The gaps between the wooden steps were about 1m. I was clinging on for dear life.

All of a sudden i feel the bridge start to shake! I turn around to see an elderly local women closing in on me from behind. Naturally i speed up to avoid the embarassment of being taken out. But sadly by the halfway point she had completely closed in on me, and i had to let her past. She strode ahead, barely even touching the hand-wires. When i got to the other side the locals, probably out of sympathy, invited me to their home for lunch. The fed me some wierd stuff.


Janelle said...

Hi J Mum again
I'm very glad I didn't know your plans this day. I like the sound of the locals. I was laughing picturing you being overtaken by the Gran
Love Mum

boba said...

hey j,
that is wicked story, i tried to xplane it too slob but i didnt make it sound as gud as u did, was pretty shocked when he saw it and read it for himself. brilliant bridge, if it makes u feel beter u no ud beet her at running lond distance (not over the bride tho:)
hope ur safe!
love lisa