Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Karakoram Highway - Sunday 15 July

From Kashgar, i will now proceed south towards Pakistan. My first stop will be Karakul Lake, which is not shown on the map below, but is south of Ghez, located right in between the two peaks identified on the eastern side of the KKH. From there i will head to Tashkurgan for a quick stopover, before crossing the border into Pakistan. Once i am in Pakistan, i will make up my plans as i go (and as the political situation allows).

I will fly out of Islamabad in mid-August, destined for Istanbul.

It's gonna be sweet.


Mum and Dad said...

Hi J Mum again. I just went and got some books out of the library on Pakistan so I can get more of an idea of what you might be seeing. I managed to get the same book that you had borrowed from your work mate. There is a fantastic picture taken at Gilgit. I feel excited that you are experiencing that scenery.The computer is downloading something maybe it's your photos.
Take care and enjoy.

rach and griff said...

I hear there are a few good camps in the mountains of Pakistan offering free "life" training and flights to london. Unfortunately I dont have the link.
loving the journal certainly better than mine 15 years ago - we didnt even have the internet in those days


j-dogz mum said...

Your blog is Very Cool - much better than Kate's. At least you have the excuse of donkey police chases to avoid and no computers, toilets or weetbix. So what if half of England is under water - she's a slacka. Glad you've been enjoying yourself. Can't wait to read your next installment - it's better than Harry Potter. Remember to be very wary of Sean's advice and company and you'll be sweet...


Sue said...

Hi Jason
Natalie has sorted me out re your blog so I can communicate with you and read all the interesting things you are up to. You are obviously having a great time and seeing a part of life most of us can only imagine.
I am doing well at present, going in for another round of treatment next Friday.
Take care of yourself
love Sue

professor lindberg said...

My students really enjoyed your comments. I hope you do mind that I share your adventures with my geography students. It has been great for them to see the world through the eyes of someone their own age. You are living a geographers dream.

Janelle said...
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