Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Rock'n'Coke music festival - Istanbul

I went to a music festival in Istanbul and saw some cool bands. Including Franz Ferdinand, Chris COrnell (Soundgarden), Smashing Pumpkins, and Manic Street Preachers. I hung out with some new TUrkish friends that i met on the first day of the gig, and a couple of Aussie's that i had met a couple of weeks before to the gig. Here are some photos.
This is Franz Ferdinand rarking up the crowd. The crowd was kinda lame actually. Very quiet compared with BDO styles.

This shouldn't be hard to spot, for any of you who were teenagers during the 90's grunge era. And no, his voice hasn't changed one bit.
Its always cool hangin out with Locals. This was a bunch of Turks that i hung out with on the second night. They are all cousins, brothers and sisters.
By the way, its no coincidence that i'm always wearing this tshirt in photos, i wear it almost every day (sometimes i wash it at night:-) Big thanks to my comcom buddies for the Tshirt!

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Janelle said...

Hi Jase Mum & Dad here from Queenstown.Can't access your e mails but great to read your latest. Back home in a week and will catch up then on skype.