Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ataturk is the Man

The Turks love Ataturk.
There are statues of him everywhere. Ataturk was a general in the Ottoman army (turkish army) during world war 1. He was involved in defending the galipolli peninsula against the evil anzac forces. In the years following WW1 Ataturk lead a nationalistic force against the allied powers that were attempting to take control over different parts of turkey. Ataturk lead his forces to a victory in 1923 when he claimed independence for turkey.
Idolising and revering previous leaders and revolutionaries seems to be quite common in many countries. In Russia its Lenon, in China its Mao, in the North of Pakistan its Aga Khan, and in Turkey its Ataturk. At least Ataturk actually did mainly good things.
The people of these countries seem blind to the mistakes of these 'demigods'. Quite a different mentality from what i'm used to in NZ.
This is Luke and I standing with Ataturk. THis statue is not a very impressive one, but i decided to take a photo of it anyway.

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