Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tales of an exhausted traveller in Slovenia

After 3 days in Budapest I jumped on a train to Slovenia. By this stage i was quite tired, and was craving some familiar faces! There was only one way to finish off a trip like this.
Slovenia has wicked mountains, and amazing scenery. The mountains are not as big as in the french alps, or even the southern alps in NZ, but the place is so picturesque. Its ridiculous. Sometimes you just have to stop and reflect on it. In this regard it rivals anything i've seen. The quaintness and tranquility is quite something. The place could have been designed by Kodak, everything calls for a photo. I was like a japanese tourist, which is not normally my style.

I'm talking beautiful churches placed on small islands in the middle of a mirror smooth lake with snowy capped mountains as the backdrop (pictured). Rustic colour trees all around, leaves falling on your head as you run through the forest (its was autumn). This is slovenia.

The capital city, called ljubljana, is small and hilly, absolutely magic place. I got rather intoxicated one night, stupidly. I blame the frech guy I was watching the World Cup semi final with. It was the first time in a long time actually. Some local girls found me in a disorientated state (many of you can probably imagine), alone, trying to find my way to my hostel using my map and compass. They took me under their wing for a couple of hours. The last thing i can remember was sitting in a bar with them. God knows why they took me to a bar. I'm just glad they weren't dodgy, i still had my 300 euros when i woke up in the morning.

I travelled with a couple of cool kiwi dudes for a while, they were classic West Aucklanders. We hired a car and cruised around the mountains for a few days. It was nice to have some dudes to mourn with. check out my shadow in this photo!

Slovenia was dead. Nobody around. Empty hotels and shops shut for the Autumn. It was hard to find coke but easy to find beer (the opposite of most other places i had been to recently). It seems that it booms in the winter and summer, as is quiet in between. I went running lots, and dragged my kiwi mates on short hikes etc. Soaked in the fabulous vibes in Lubljiana. I would recommend it to anyone.

Check out the clouds below us in this photo, the forest is so amazing in the Autumn time.

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Stephen H said...

Hey Jase, man you've had an epic last few months. Its been great to follow your adventure since you left NZ, and to relive a few journeys through Turkey and the middle east. I hear you've ended up in Dublin - you should get over to Slattery's in Rathmines (upstairs) one Thurs night for some trad music. Have a great Christmas, look forward to hearing more in 08.
Stephen H (comcom)