Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Runners View of London

One day i took my camera out for a run around London. Who says its always cloudy and dreary in London?! Don't be fooled by the blue sky, it was pretty cold on this particular day. WARNING: This post may appear ridiculously tame after previous posts.

Hyde Park is one of my favourite places to run in London, no big surprises there. It is usually a hive of activity, except for on Christmas day when i think i was the only one up for a run!

Some days the fog is so bad that all you see here is a path disappearing into the mist. Its kind of cool.
London central city has a network of parks in close proximity, they are full of crazy little squirrels that zip around at your feet. I accidentaly came across Buckingham Palace on one of my runs through St James Park, which is right next to Hyde Park. The parks have lots of large ponds in them, which are quite picturesque, especially on a calm day.

Eventually you arrive at Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. This photo is the Abbey in the foreground, and Big Ben in the background.

Then you reach the Thames, which has paths running along parts of it. You can run down to the Tower Bridge, which is quite something.

London may not have hills, but a run around the city certainly doesn't disappoint!


Mum and Dad said...

HI J. Along time since I have caught up on your blog. London looks awesome and I look forward to checking out these places myself before too long I hope.
Love Mum

Kate said...

Dear Jason

Have you not had any adventures since December last year? That is a bit sad.

Kind regards