Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Climbing Carrantuohill and Mount Brandon in a blizzard

At Easter time Ali and I decided to climb Carrantuohill and Mount Brandon, in County Kerry on the West Coast of Ireland. It's fair to say that the weather didn't exactly play ball. However, that didn't stop us from trying. Here are some pictures of us battling the elements in some fierce Ireland Weather. We felt like Hillary and Tenzing when we disappeared into the clouds half way up and got hammered with snow and sleet. It was mental, and there was nothing but white in all directions. Though unlike Hillary and Tenzing's escapades, we were able to knock off these bad boys in a morning (on consecutive days), leaving us the afternoons free to sit around by a fire and eat soup!

Going up was hard enough work, but running/rolling down from the summit of Caher in the thigh deep snow was brilliant!

Jase: Let's go up there! (Carrantuohill, 1050 metres) Ali:Ok

Should have brought the crampons. 'Don't worry, it'll be sweet'.

Some long pants and hiking boots wouldn't go astray either (top of Mount Brandon at 925 metres)

Mission accomplished

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Alison said...

Ah the memories....Remember all the strange looks we got from the serious climbers with all their equipment?! Whereas I was in regular trainers and whatever handoffs you gave me. :)
Great recount Jase§