Sunday, October 14, 2007

Anatomy of a World Cup meldown - Cardiff 6 October 2007

It started as one of the best days of my life, and ended in tragedy. Its hard to be down though, when you're surrounded by happy frenchies.

THe Millenium stadium in Cardiff is right in the city centre, which makes for a great pre and post game atmosphere. Fans were partying in the town centre from lunch time on saturday until Sunday morning. It was magic. Check out Astrix and Obelix. Gota love the french.

At the game i was surrounded by French, which was pretty cool. The crowd was like nothing i have seen before. The atmosphere was amazing, i lost my voice because i was screaming so much. THe French were singing and whistling relentlessly throughout the entire match. I was in awe of their fighting spirit.

The stadium is fantastic (it even has a roof). You can see how close we were to the action. 75000 people attended the match. Chris looks happy with his $12 beer, i hope it tastes good.

Check out these irish dudes, who thought that they would be supporting Ireland in the quarter final. They felt our pain.

Later that evening at the Cardiff Walkabout bar, a friendly Irish guy that i was chatting to started singing me a song of sorrow. Within 30 seconds we were surrounded by about 50 Irish dudes, all of whom were singing at the top of their voices. They were standing on tables and chairs, in a circle around us. It was incredible. The group got so large and out of control that the manager decided to close the bar. Everybody was there, even batman.

As you can see from this photo, Chris is still a clown.


grahammiller said...

Hey Jason!

I hope you don't mind me hitching a ride on your blog, so to speak. I've come across from Jeannie's.

Wow, it's only a couple of months since we last caught up, and you've already had a lifetime's worth of experiences.

I'll definitely be setting aside some time to read through your e-diary from start to finish.

Keep in touch!

Mum and Dad said...

Hi Jason
You did well to go out after the game. I was so guttered I went to bed for the day with a book. It looked like more fun where you were.

indefeasible said...


I'm thrilled you took the Dublin opportunity. I hope you're looking after Sinbad.

Would you mind updating your blog so that us no-life-desperadoes have something to do at the weekend?