Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jeep ride from Gilgit to Chitral (North-west frontier province)

Yes its that place you keep hearing about on BBC. Its time to hit the Northwest frontier province of pakistan. If you look carefully at this photo you may see all the taliban fighters training in the background.
Of course, in reality its a pretty mellow place. And again, most people are just intrigued that people would want to visit the area. I really wish i could have learned more about the people in these soughts of places, but language is a significant barrier. However, you can make to with hand gestures and charades.
Chris and Martin and I hired a jeep that would take us Westward across pakistan towards the Afghan border. This photo was taken in one of the villages that we stayed in on the way. This was about the time that i stopped eating. By this stage, the sight of rice, lentils and chapati (local bread) made me want to vommit. What a beautiful place it was to feel like rubbish. In all honesty, i was just glad that i could still walk around and check these places out. I was also glad that i had a jeep, so didn't have to walk too far. Lack of energy was to be my next problem.
We travelled across the Shandur pass, which is quite a famous pass in Pakistan. Well, at least, locally famous. By this stage we were regularly stopping to check in at milatary check posts. ITs funny when these guys, clutching AK 47's, smile at you and are as friendly as every other pakistani. It doesn't bolster the tough guy image much.
Not many people come to these parts. THere hadn't been anyone at the hostel in this town for a couple of weeks. Needless to say, they were happy to see us.

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Mum and Dad said...

Mum again. Wow I would like to go to the place in this picture. I'm glad you were with some other travelers to share the experience with. The Shandur Pass is featured in Palin's book. I was hoping you would of gone through there it looks amazing.